Assess the skills of your
and use skills data
to fuel your business performance.

The MOBILAR® skills assessment tool allows companies to take the first real step towards skills-based management and -decision making.


3-pillar approach

Mobilar has developed a full SaaS-solution to assess skills, built on 3 pillars.



Using our proven skills model and methodology, we can identify the skillset(s) required for each individual job profile. This skill framework allows you to start measuring the skills needed to perform the task(s).



On-the-job skills assessment and competency tests are carried out by local or peer-to-peer assessors on a continuous basis, fully embedded in the daily operations.



In-app dashboards and indisputable skill scores give you the basis for skill-based management on an individual, company and regional level. Combined with your other KPIs, you can pinpoint the areas for business improvement, and better steering your workforce.


From skills modelling
to business performance optimisation

Based on the identified skills and skill requirements we help you to create real-life on-the-job skills assessments to measure the state of your workforce. This allows you to identify the available skills and skill gaps in the workforce, helping you to anticipate demographic and technological changes.

Indentify the different job profiles within your organisation

Assign skillsets and individual skills to each of these job profiles

Create assessment tests for your workforce to perform

Certify your staff through competency tests & skills assessments

Fine-tune your training programmes based on the skill gaps

Use the assessment insights to enable skill-based management and boost your performance

Additional features

  • Job Profiles
  • Skills Matrix
  • Skills Mapping
  • Job Cards
  • Assessment Records
  • Competency Records
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Employee Certification
  • Expiration & Re-assessment
  • Find an Expert
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