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The Mobilar Methodology

At Mobilar we strongly believe in skill-based management.

The typical classroom training often leads to disengaged people and theoretical knowledge that is not directly linked to on-the-job execution. While skill-based learning is directly applicable on the job.

If you want to get the job done, the actual execution is more important than theoretical knowledge.

Competencies or skills are a result of habits, real-life situational learning and specifically tailored training programs.  And everyone absorbs this information at their own pace through practice, repetition, feedback and coaching.

That is why we at Mobilar focus on accurate execution during our skill assessments. The data our tool delivers gives you a clear and unbiased, objective insight into the performance of your workforce, more than the knowledge.

1 Billion workers need to be upskilled by 2030
of the workforce needs to be reskilled by 2025
is lost per employee/year due to ineffective training
Only 12% of learners can efficiently transfer classroom knowledge to the actual job
of Fortune 500 CEOs value skills over knowledge

Bloom's Taxonomy

An essential part of the scoring mechanism in Mobilar is based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

It allows us to define skill objectives (or learning goals) so that both employee and company speak the same language, and helps to communicate about expectations and goals. Clear objectives are helpful during the evaluation process and help to define a path for growth.

Combined with the Bloom’s Taxonomy we use weighted calculation mechanisms to assess a wide array of measuring points.

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