The Mobilar Solution

The current focus of Mobilar is the automotive industry, as this industry is currently undergoing massive changes and disruption. This has a significant impact on the staff and their skills. "Reskilling" and "Upskilling" are key to anticipate these changes.

However, our tool can easily be applied in other industries (e.g. Heavy Duty, Marine, TIC, Aviation, …) where technical profiles make up a significant part of the workforce.

OEMs & National Offices

Mobilar is particularly interesting for OEMs and headquarters, while it can give you an in-depth view on your full network. Our enterprise solution allows you to effectively compare the assessment results between different regions and countries.

OEMs can then use this knowledge to:

HR Management

Anticipate demographic evolutions and define job roles.

Skill-based Training

Shift towards individual and relevant on-the-job training.

Business Performance

Use the data to identify where skill-improvements can be of direct influence.

Business Automation

Refine the performance of online customer platforms by allocating appointment requests to the most appropriate teammember.

Warranty Management

Increase 'fixed-first-visit' and save warranty cost by mapping jobs with skills.

Network Strategies

Select your partners based on their available skills and actual execution.

Dealer Groups

As a dealergroup you are often faced with different brands in your network, making it complex to assess your workforce. Each brand requires their own emphasis and to some extent a specific skillset.

Besides this the market is consolidating and dealers are evolving into a multi-site approach.

Use Mobilar and its powerfull data engine to;

HR Management

Retain your people with transparent remuneration schemes and career-paths based on skills.

Skill-based Training

Make optimal use of your training investments by focussing on the individual gaps.

Business Performance

Increase your workshop efficiency by allocating jobs to skills.

Business Automation

Optimise the strength and accuracy of your shared services.

Warranty Management

Reduce lost hours by efficient skill-based workforce planning.

Network Strategies

Enable the competence center, multi-site business model.


Skill assessment is valuable for all sectors and industries. At Mobilar we have created a skill-model specifically designed for the automotive industry, but our tool can work with all skill-models. A lot of the generic skills are interchangeable, removing the need to start from scratch when building your industry-specific skill-model.

We see huge potential in Oil & Energy, Manufacturing, Nursing, Education, … Sectors where skill-based working and skill-based training can have a huge impact on the business’ success.

Together with you, our team will analyse your skill-models, your skill needs and your training strategy, and we will suggest a transformation roadmap.

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