Start screening your workforce

How it works

To identify available skills and skill-gaps,
you'll first need to assess the current state of your workforce.

Mobilar® uses a stepped approach starting by identifying the different job roles in your organisation, leading up to mapping out the different skills required in your organisation. 

This allows us to conduct highly accurate on-the-job skills assessments and competency tests. Based on the skill-data that is generated, we can provide a solid view of your workforce's skill gaps and the efforts required to bridge them.



The first step in the process is to identify the different profiles within your organisation.

This is often strongly related to the organisation- or brand-specific job roles, job titles or certification programs.

For this exercise, you will be supported by our Mobilar experts.


Tasks and Skills

Every job role contains numerous tasks which in their turn require a specific combination of skills.

These skill combinations are defined as skillsets on which you can assess the employee, resulting in a performance score for each skill and task.

Our team will guide you in finding the exact skillsets and skills required for specific sets of tasks.



Jobcards mimic real-life job situations containing all measuring points required to effectively assess the employee.

Each jobcard contains specific tasks or actions. All of them combined represent the job role for which you want an overall score.



Conducting competency assessments can be done on-site and on-the-job by peer-to-peer assessors.

These local assessments make travel obsolete and your employee remains productive.



After the assessment, the results can be reviewed on an individual level, company level or even regional level.

Combining skill-scores and task-scores with other KPIs brings an indisputable insight into your business. 


Skill Mapping

Mapping the different skills in the workforce will bring up skill gaps and skill shortages and allows you to anticipate demographic and technological challenges.



The final step is to start training your staff to bridge the skills gaps, or to upskill and reskill the workforce for future success.

Do you want to know if your organisation is ready for assessments based on skills and competences?

Schedule a short call with us and talk with one of our experts. They will assess your 'readiness' and will give you some pointers on the next steps.

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