Mobilar in a nutshell

Features & Integrations


Create assessments

Create your profile-based assessments from our extensive skills library and certify your employees.

Using our library of automotive skills allows you to easily set up your first profiles and start assessing. Create specific jobcards to support the assessor in the on-the-job conducting of the tests.

  • Skills Library
    Our skills library contains over 100 identified automotive skills.  Every possible operation in the workplace has been captured and mapped into measuring points, allowing us to assess the skills required to do a task.
  • Profile Builder
    Use one of our template profiles or create your own.  This template allows you to certify your workforce based on the competencies related to their job profile.
  • Job Cards
    Support your assessors by creating jobcards they can use to assess the workforce.  These jobcards contain a series of operations they’ll have to score.
  • Assessment Builder
    Create a new assessment for each profile to assess all the different measuring points. Start with the jobtitle and the tool will assist you with all the relevant skills to be tested.


Conduct assessments

Conducting assessments was never easier.  Each assessor receives a notification of the assessments one is required to take, after which an appointment can be planned.

  • Offline Tests
    Our assessments can be downloaded to a portable device such as a tablet.  This allows for assessments in locations where internet or mobile connection stability is unsure.
  • Assessment Records
    All results are captured and allow easy mapping of all results and conducted assessments. This is an essential piece of the puzzle for further analysis.
  • Expiration and Re-assessment
    Integration with the LMS-system can push the expiration date of each skill or certification (this can also be manually updated).  After expiration, the assessor automatically receives a notification to reassess the employee.
  • Anti-cheating
    The platform will signal suspicious results and assessments based on our historical data. It will allow an audit of the individual assessments to avoid cheating.


Gain valuable insights

Our tool lets you deep-dive into the insights generated by the assessments. Our powerful engine can also give you predictive insights allowing you to anticipate skill gaps.

  • Skills Mapping
    Per defined region (department, country, dealership) we can map different skills and easily identify skill gaps.  When connected to an employee database, we can predict potential skill gaps or shortages (based on age, retention risk, …).  This can optimise your onboarding strategy or succession planning.
  • Competency Records
    We record all data on the employee-level to enable training plans to be personalized and to design career paths based on existing skills and skills to acquire. You can analyze the individual scores and compare the results to a larger selection (region, country, …).
  • Find an Expert
    With our Mobilar skill search engine, you can easily identify the most competent employee based on the desired skillset. This can become very helpful when you need a short-term solution for a skill gap or when you want to put the right person on the job.
  • Reporting & Dashboarding
    Our data is presented in easy-to-understand pre-defined dashboards. These dashboards give you the required insights you need to optimise your business.

Connect your organisation


Integrate Mobilar® with your existing business systems and exchange data for a more powerful result.  Information and data are best not kept in silos.  The free flow of information gives you the real intelligence to move your organisation forward.

Data Export

Export our data into your existing dashboards and make the information part of your larger ecosystem. Business automation can be part of it.

LMS Integration

Integrate with your LMS system and close the loop between the assessments and your training center.  Optimize your training, re-skilling and upskilling efforts by getting insights into the effects of your efforts.

Training Plan Mapping

Map your current training plan to the different skills and invite your employees to that training session he or she needs to improve their skillset.  Boost the engagement of your workforce by efficiently providing them with the required and desired training.


Connect Mobilar to any existing platform for analysis or workflow optimization. Using our extensive API you’ll be able to connect to virtually any tool.

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